the digital life

(from Mar 08)
your alarm clock wakes u
u take a shower listening to digital radio
u might shave with an electric razor containing a computer chip

u dress
u grab your cellphone
your ipod
your bluetooth
your keys with digital alarm

if u drive a car made since 1999
your car is full of computer tech
u might listen to mp3s on your standard-issue cd player
have your heat or a/c change automatically
u have camera to park with

u put change in a digital parking meter
u might swipe your employee badge into a digital reader
perhaps u sit at a workstation
or work a digital counter
or chirp people on the job

u check your digital schedule
maybe surf your phone on break
or keep Rude (or spamspace-if work is prudish) in the background

u get cash from the digital ATM for lunch
or u swipe your debit card for lunch
maybe u use the wi-fi while you lunch

u get home
u check your digital email
u check your digitally recorded tv shows
u check your rude page (probably several times by now, but it’s a story…)

u microwave some popcorn
u watch a digital dvd
or play a digital videogame

and u spank it to digital porn

don’t u see?

the digital life isn’t coming
it’s here already

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