an overview of my upcoming analytical retrospective of the series MIAMI VICE, edited and scored in the same style as the show itself

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3 Responses to “MIAMI VICE REVISITED (intro)”

  1. Furore23 says:

    Oh you better BELIEVE that I am read for this.

    Also: IS THAT SOME REB M’Fing BROWN?!? Hell yeah it is!
    I just found your site off of Diamanda Hagan and the Cinema Snob simultaneously, I mean, literally both sites within fifteen minutes of each other. You know I want to see more of this baby.

  2. Furore23 says:

    Oh wait, sorry for the spelling error. I meant, ‘ready’, obviously. Sorry!

  3. THOOM says:

    This made me want to pick up those last two seasons of Miami Vice. And I want them on DVD, at my fingertips. I was a mondo fan, and I was in 7th grade when this first came on the air. I had a Miami Vice T-Shirt and tried to dress like Crockett. I was pulled in by the music and slick editing. Crockett and Tubbs were my boys! This show had mega appearances by every big name in Hollywood, including Bruce Willis before he hit it big on Moonlighting.

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