mister X’s oldschool remixparty

a continuous mix of original remixes from my ‘mix CD’ slangin’ days-my versions of several classic hip-hop(and a few selected RnB)songs re-interpreted thru my twisted sonic worldview


who u with-jay z
rosa parks-outkast
sock it to me-missy elliot
how high-redman & method man
dre day-dr. dre & snoop dogg
we be clubbin’-icecube & dmx
breathe and stop-qtip
ready or not-the fugees
neck uv da woodz-oukast
shook ones (pt II)-mobb deep
doo wop (that thing)-lauryn hill
jumpin’-destiny’s child
money ain’t a thing-jay z & Jermaine DaMidget
ride on (caught up)-snoop dogg
no matter what people say-lil kim
remember the time-michael jackson
survival of the fittest-mobb deep
put your hands where my eyes can see-busta rhymez
C.R.E.A.M.-wu-tang clan
bullshittin’-n’dea davenport & mos def
movin’ on-mya
no time for fake ones-lil kim & PUFFY! (remix made 6 years b4 BLACK ALBUM, btw)
the world i know-goodie mobb w/esthero
forgot about dre-dr. dre & eminem
are you that somebody-aaliyah
don’t see us-the roots
lost ones-lauryn hill
nasty boy-notorious B.I.G.
intergalactic-beastie boys
one love-nas
bring the noise-public enemy
progress of elimination-boss
try again-aaliyah
devil’s pie-d’angelo
sixth sense-common & carlos santana
i know u got soul-eric b. and rakim

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