my music remixes

i consider remixing an art form that has been somewhat devalued now that we live in the age of the ubiquitous ‘mash-up’- these examples of mine demonstrate just how DIFFERENT yet thematically appropriate a remix can be (and the lyrics stay ONBEAT in my remixes…imagine that?)

a remix that will Melt A Hip-Hop Head’s Brain-the mister x reconstruction/tribute to one of the beat MAESTROS…rick rubin


  snoop dogg and dre meet an italian dirty harry ripoff soundtrack from the 70s? eminem meets the virgin suicides, bill conti and shreikback? nas meets my ‘if goblin did techno’ homage? yup mister X remixes and radically reinterprets Dr. Dre’s & Snoop’s “THE WASH”, Eminem’s “CLEANING OUT MY CLOSET” and Nas’ “ONE MIC”-going for a mood and theatricality usually missing from hip-hop as opposed to formulaic pop tracks (although my remix of “THE WASH” WOULD be a hit if released)

  lupe fiasco’s vivid wordplay inspired me to create a sonic adventure that enhanced his aural storytelling

remix of the art of noise song that i did for the mixman website utilizing only the original multi-tracks

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