FX HELL: King Kong (1976)

an in-depth satirical look at the notorious first remake of KING KONG-Rick Baker’s debut big feature…where unfortunately his work is treated like Andy Dufresne was during his first month in Shawshank (and X deals with a rather sleazy uninvited guest)

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6 Responses to “FX HELL: King Kong (1976)”

  1. THOOM says:

    Rick Baker put on the best performance in the movie? Damn you just DISSED Jessica Lange, Charles Grodin and Jeff Bridges.

    I heard that Rambaldi got his Oscar stripped of him when the Academy found out that Baker was in the Kong suit and it wasn’t a 40 foot mechanical beast the whole time. But I have seen no legitimate evidence of that.

    Can a brother get the name of the artist and title of the instrumental that you used at 14 and 15 minutes in this video?

  2. mister X says:

    that track is ‘the real folk blues’-the extended end title theme to cowboy bebop

    …and jessica might agree with me-after this film she spent the next 3 years in advanced acting training (really)

  3. Reedemption says:

    Honestly loved this, and hope to see more from you soon. But please, PLEASE tell me you’re planning to do the sequel to this thing! Kong survives and undergoes an artificial heart transplant. Surgeons crawl around on top of his open chest cavity with scaffolding, using giant buzzsaws as scalpels. Come ON! How has nobody ever addressed this golden egg before!?

  4. mister X says:

    oh i assure u-rambaldi, linda hamilton and lady kong herself will all be appearing on FX HELL in 2013…glad u enjoyed it.

  5. Alex Jowski says:

    Really fun and great look at this movie. I never really noticed how derpy King Kong looked – and that cost millions of dollars? Boy did they ever fail in making that 40ft gorilla. Last time I was at Universal Studios (like a decade ago) they still had this King Kong as part of their lot tour. I wonder if it’s still there.

  6. mister X says:

    glad u dug it, alex-last unsubstantiated rumor i heard was that the 40 foot kong was sold to an asian theme park but alas, no verification.

    and i consider those millions ‘marketing’ dollars, so in theory they were successful lol

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