Vice Revisited: THE PRODIGAL SON (part I)

X begins his look at the 2-hour VICE event that demonstrates all the show did
right…and did wrong

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2 Responses to “Vice Revisited: THE PRODIGAL SON (part I)”

  1. d3sp3r4d0 says:

    Damn, X…about time you got back to Vice Revisited! This was soooo~ dope! I mean, you got cheap ass cigarette prices, Penn Jillette, original Glenn Frey music, Luis Guzman, and so much more! I was a young kid when this all first came out, but looking back at it now, it’s all so badass! Keep it up, X! This Miami Vice stuff is some of your best work!

  2. mister X says:

    thanks for the kind words and glad ya diggin’ it

    …and pt II will be uploading shortly

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